Time may run out. SAMMA Systems has the solution SAMMA Systems is dedicated to the migration of the world’s videotape to digital files. As videotape edges toward oblivion, SAMMA Systems provides broadcasters and archivists alike with cost-effective solutions that save priceless content for future generations to utilize and enjoy.

SAMMA offers a robot system which proves to have the highest productivity and the lowest cost per hour of migrated tape. This system is called SAMMA ROBOT

We also offer a semi-automated 4-output digital file system suitable for smaller videotape collections. This system is called SAMMA Solo™ and it can accommodate most tape formats from a bygone era.

Another system, offering maximum scalability and flexibility, can network together up to 16 SAMMA Solo™ encoding systems with a total of 64 output streams. This system is called the SAMMA NETWORK™ and it has the same metadata capabilities found in SAMMA ROBOT™ and Solo™ systems.

These systems have been designed to migrate analog video tape content into archive, production and viewing quality digital files. Your content can readily be monetized and repurposed. You are assured the content will be safeguarded in a digital file standard for future generations and widespread use.

SAMMA Robot™ Multi-channel videotape to digital file migration system, fully-automated. Robotic 24/7/365 solution for efficiently migrating videotapes to a file-based workflow. THE solution for migrating your videotapes to a digital file-based workflow